The Missing trick

The Missing trick


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Louis is a young street magician. He is setting up for his show but he can't find his rabbit anywhere. He looks inside his hat but finds only a bouquet of flowers, which is caught by a a passing woman as he throws it away in disgust.

He looks under his cups, spilling out dozens of balls, which are pounced upon by a group of kids. An endless string of scarves comes out of his sleeve and is wrapped around the neck of a posh lady.... With each trick, his audience grows, and unbeknownst to Louis, his show is unfolding brilliantly...

But WHERE could that pesky rabbit be hiding??? Finally, Louis looks in his bag.... climbs in it.... and disappears.

Now the rabbit AND Louis are missing! The audience hold their breaths until, POOF! Louis appears on the table in a puff of smoke. They erupt in a roar of applause. Louis, bemused, notices them for the first time.

He takes off his cap to take a bow. The rabbit is sitting on his head. This is funny but also empowering story about a child, unaware of his own talents, who creates a diverse community around him, delighting in his show.

Author: Robin Jacobs 
Illustrated by: Aimee Wright
Format: Hardback 32 pages, Illustrated throughout
Publisher: Cicada Books Limited
Imprint: Cicada Books Limited
ISBN: 9781908714947
Published: 2 Sep 2021
Classifications: General fiction (Children's / Teenage)
Readership: Children / Juvenile
Weight: 406g
Dimensions: 206 x 277 x 14 (mm)
Pub. Country: United Kingdom

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