Willow Wildthing and the Dragon's Egg

Willow Wildthing and the Dragon's Egg


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In the Wilderness, where magic and nature collide, there are magical creatures and strange powers at work. In this story the Wild Things - a group of children who have taken on the characteristics of the wild creatures they are named after - discover another group, the Bark Skins, have taken over their camp, and won't give it back. A battle of the camps begins with witches, dragons, dragon's eggs and the two warring clans.

Can they resolve the dispute and live alongside each other in The Wilderness?

Author: Gill Lewis (Author)
Illustrated by:Rebecca Bagley
Format:Paperback / softback 128 pages
Publisher:Oxford University Press
Imprint:Oxford University Press
Published:6 Aug 2020
Classifications:General fiction (Children's / Teenage)
Readership:Children / Juvenile
Dimensions:129 x 197 x 10 (mm)
Pub. Country: United Kingdom

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